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Essential Economics is an independent economic research service founded by Paola Subacchi. 


Drawing on expertise in the international monetary system, global financial imbalances, international capital flows and international financial centres, Essential Economics specialises in identifying and analysing macroeconomic trends. By combining these insights with a deep understanding of geopolitics and investment strategy, we are able to provide our clients with robust tailored research that helps them to mitigate risk and create opportunity at the international level. Through this, we help our clients to achieve their goal of long-term sustainable growth. 


Essential Economics works with a broad range of international clients, including corporations, government departments, international organisations, family offices and long-term investment funds. 


Paola is an economist, writer and commentator; expert in the functioning and governance of the international and monetary system.


As an Italian national based in London, Paola enjoys a strong international network. She holds formal affiliations with many organisations, including Queen Mary University of London, Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, BlackRock Greater Europe Investment Trust, and the University of Bologna. She is also the former director of international economic research at Chatham House, a position that she held for ten years.


Paola’s most recent book, The People’s Money: How China is building a global currency, was published by Columbia University Press in 2016. The same year, she was awarded the honour Cavaliere dell’Ordine della Stella d’Italia.



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